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About Helford Geoscience

Helford Geoscience LLP are specialist consultants in applied mineralogy.
We provide a range of tailor made services to address the needs of our clients. With a long background in geological research, we bring that expertise to the
fore when designing the best analytical solution for our clients specific needs.

In particular we have many years experience in the use of automated mineralogy, based on QEMSCAN technology, developing novel applications for automated mineralogy.

Our Experience

With 30 years experience in research and consultancy, Helford Geoscience have wide ranging geological expertise from field-based geology through to advanced automated mineralogy.

Along with colleagues at the University of South Wales, we deliver field based teaching at undergraduate level for four weeks every year.

Back in the laboratory Helford Geoscience have experience of using a wide range of analytical tools, including optical microscopy, cathodo-luminescence, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, automated mineralogy using QEMSCAN technology and stable isotope and trace element geochemistry.

With over 100 published scientific papers and edited books, staff at Helford Geoscience have a strong academic background.

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Helford Geoscience recent publications

  • Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology

  • American Mineralogist

  • Journal of Archaeological
  • Geological Society, London, Special Publication

Helford Geoscience archived articles

Helford Geoscience open access articles

For access to listed articles that are not accessible on the website, please contact Helford Geoscience.

Links with Helford Geoscience

Helford Geoscience work with, and support, a wide range of organisations and professional bodies. Click on the logos below to find out a bit more about who we work with and to follow links to their websites.