Helford Geoscience can provide full mineralogical assessment of a wide range
of construction materials

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Helford Geoscience are experienced in the characterisation of the mineralogy of a wide range of construction materials
including historic and modern building stones, aggregates, concrete and renders

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Mineralogy for Construction

Mineralogy is crucial in the analysis of a wide range of construction materials. Projects range from the initial description of quarry products to determine end use; the analysis of historical building materials for restoration projects and in geoarchaeology; and the analysis of materials to determine causes of failure.

Helford Geoscience have a wide ranging experience in the mineralogical analysis of historical and modern building stones, aggregates, concrete products and ceramics. Commonly causes of failure can be determined through detailed petrographic analysis. Helford Geoscience offer a wide range of mineralogical services, including optical microscopy, X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and automated mineralogy in accordance with the relevant industry standards.

Construction material capability

Helford Geoscience
Concrete Analysis

Helford Geoscience can provide a wide range of mineralogical and geochemical analyses as required by the needs of the specific project and client. Typical work flows might include sampling; hand specimen examination and binocular microscopy prior to selection of representative areas for thin section preparation. Uncovered thin sections are described using polarising light microscopy and can be quantified using point counting.

Optical analysis can be complimented where necessary through the use of cathode-luminescence, fluorescence microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, automated mineralogy and X-Ray diffraction. Geochemical analysis can be arranged with our partner laboratories.

Construction material capability

Helford Geoscience
Building Stone and Aggregate Analysis

Helford Geoscience have examined the mineralogy and petrography of a wide range of building stones and aggregates.

Petrographic analysis has been used to determine the stone type and provenance; causes of stone deterioration; QC for mineral products and the analysis of rocks as part of forensic investigations.

Work in this area overlaps with our experience in geoarchaeology and the provenance of materials and has included projects examining historical building stones, renders and mortars. The analytical methods used are determined by the specific needs of the client / project.

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